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Wood Ear Mushroom Liquid Culture

Wood Ear Mushroom Liquid Culture

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Contains 1 x 12 ml Wood Ear Liquid Culture 

Wood Ear mushrooms, classified as Auricularia auricula, are an edible jelly fungus that is a member of the Auriculariaceae family. Also known as the Cloud Ear, Tree Ear, and Jelly Ear, Wood Ear mushrooms are found in humid, temperate forests. Wood Ear mushrooms are utilized for their chewy texture rather than their mild taste and are a popular textural element in many Asian soup dishes.

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A. auricula thrives in the 50-60° F (10-15° C) range.

Spawn Media: Millet, milo, rye, wheat, or sorghum. All support the formation of a vigorous mycelium.

Substrates for Fruiting: Essentially the same hardwoods that are recommended for Shiitake support good fruitings of this species.

Microscopic Features: This mushroom produces white spores.

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